10,000% Spike in Google Searches for Third Party Candidate During Trump's Convention Speech

Last night, during Donald Trump's formal acceptance speech for the Republican nomination for president, Google trends found a 10,000 percent increase in searches for a third party option.

"What this stunning spike shows is what we've known all along, that Americans want better choices than the two candidates of the major parties," said Anne MacDonald, Better For America's executive director. "Americans are desperate for another option who can win in November and Better For America is working to satisfy that hunger," added MacDonald.

BFA is building a pathway for an independent candidate to launch a presidential run through conventional ballot access measures and constitutional legal challenges to unduly restrictive state ballot requirements. In this year of unprecedented dissatisfaction with the two major party candidates, this pathway will provide a leader with honor, integrity and one who can unite America the opportunity to compete in nearly all states and for substantially all votes in the electoral college.