Better For America In Philadelphia Building Coalitions

While discord envelops the Democratic Convention, Better For America (BFA) is on the ground in Philadelphia building coalitions and collaborating with friends and allies who are committed to fight for an alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. On Wednesday evening, BFA will welcome these groups to alliance-building events in downtown Philadelphia.

BFA, a nonpartisan organization establishing ballot access for an independent candidate to run for president in 2016, is clearing the pathway for a candidate to emerge who demonstrates honor, lives with integrity and will lead America in the right direction.

“Millions of dollars and millions of votes later the American people are still clearly unsatisfied with the two major party nominees. We say there is still hope for another choice to unite us all," said Kahlil Byrd, Senior Advisor to Better For America. “Better For America is in Philadelphia to bring allies into our organization who believe we can and should elect a president who has the values, integrity and honor to unite our country, not continue to divide us,” Byrd added.

BFA is building a pathway for an independent candidate to launch a presidential run through conventional ballot access measures and constitutional legal challenges to unduly restrictive state ballot requirements. In this year of unprecedented dissatisfaction with the two major party candidates, this pathway will provide a leader with honor, integrity and one who can unite America the opportunity to compete in nearly all states and for substantially all votes in the electoral college.

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